Beef Cake

I’m having a weird day – a day where nothing gets done to my liking. Well, I had a decent day at work…then work day ended. My climbing buddy bailed on me.  I went to the bank to deposit a check and the fucking ATM told me it couldn’t complete the transaction. You’d think the ATM had some kind of instant drug litmus detector and it sensed that I not only hid the check in my stripper friend’s g-string all day, but we’ve also used it to crunch down, powder, and snort coke the night before. Then, I went to the post station place where it’s not really a post office but a place that sells stamps and boxes and could work as a post office, to get a stamp and envelope to mail something, and it’s CLOSED. Thanks. Then I thought, hey look it’s Trader Joe’s. I could buy me some of my new crack of choice, Just Mango. I get there and they are out. OUT! If you’re Trader Joe’s, you could do more than get rid of half your inventory and just stock up on Just Mango and retire in style. *sigh* Then I went out with my sister and her man for dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant where they ran out of my favorite grilled trout…the only thing they were really good for.

Still they had this wonderful dessert with pecan ice cream and they gave me an extra serving of the ice cream, so life is pretty sweet.

Oh and in case anyone cares, Twinkies are for carnivores. Yeah, my coworkers just read the box in our snack pile and found that it contains beef fat (Contains One Or More Of: Partially Hydrogenated Soybean, Cottonseed Or Canola Oil, Beef Fat)”. But if you’re eating Twinkies, I’m sure you’ve got more to worry about than some lard going to your ass.

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