Dray or Scurry

Ever have one of those days at work where you end up doing a whole lot of nothing by accident? Then at the end of the day, all you can do is sigh and leave. I just had one of those joyful days; I can only hope that tomorrow when I return, I will write code to a game that will make small children cry in a state of confusion between joy and fear. Yeah, I’m not fully thawed yet. For some reason or another, my project was in a state of broken for most of the day. In the end, I only checked in a few lines of code change…which made me want to embellish my check-in email with: Fixed a bug, wrestled a bear to save a small fawn from being mauled, oh and stopped an accidental demolition of an orphanage. How the hell else could I explain the little I’ve done in the last eight hours? Nope, sorry, just one bug fixed.

A customer rep for Dell called me this morning around 11 to ask me how I’m loving my Dell and asked me if I would like to jot down some phone numbers that are handy to have.  I told her no.  I think that confused her, so she moved on to telling me how I should navigate the Dell website, at which point I had to interrupt her and tell her that I was at work and that she caught me at a bad time.  She apologized but then said in an accusing voice, “Well, this is the only phone number I have for you.”  Well…yeah, I only use my cellphone.  I’m not sure what most reps expect when they call people at 11 on weekdays.  Did she expect that I was just sitting on my ass at home, having a toke and waiting to take down phone numbers in case my brand new computer blows up on me?  I would hope that more of our good citizens are actually trying to make a living during these hours.

I’ve been laying low for the last couple days, which is nice. I love how a good backpacking trip could lay my spastic ass down for a moment to enjoy a book or two. I’ve been reading An Anthropologist On Mars. It’s good if you dig reading about people and their neurological disorders.

One major reason I tend to lay low for at least a day after a grueling trip, aside from the “gruel” part, is gear maintenance. During this last trip, I think I hauled home at least 5 lbs of stowaway frost…which of course melted into water and got all over my stuff. Used to be, when I was younger and we go on little car camping trip, I would be super lazy about stuff like properly unpacking soon as I get home. I would drive along a week later, notice a dreadful smell and wonder which nasty beast was trying to pickle cabbages in my car. Of course that nasty beast would be me, pickling some soggy swimsuit. No big deal…yay, new bikini! Backpacking gear on the other hand would cost over a grand to replace. Sure, I could always suck it up and just sleep in a small enclosed space that smells like rot and mildew – I’m sure that would give some people the true feeling of being home away from home but it just doesn’t quite cut it for me. It would take that and a dray of squirrels throwing a rave on the roof top to properly simulate my home for me.

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