Getting the Shakes

I missed Embalmed on Thursday! That was the band I wanted to see the most but I missed them. There was a line up of 5 bands so I assumed that they wouldn’t be the first band to go on, since they’re pretty good. What I didn’t know was, the other 3 bands were part of the Unleashed Tour, all of them are from Europe, so they went on last together. Oh well…the other bands were damned good. They even meet the Strong Bad standard for good death metal. At one point, Brian pointed out that the band that was on at that moment was his least favorite out of the line-up, and I said, “Really? Because I was thinking they’re great.” His reply, “Oh no, they’re great, they’re just my least favorite.” Wow. It’s so rare that we get a metal show with every single band being good. Usually in a line-up of 5 there are at least 2 that stink to high heaven and you kind of suffer through them (with a little help from Jager and PBR) to get to the final good band. Damn, I can’t say enough about how good they were. I guess in the end, it’s probably for the best that I didn’t I didn’t make it for Embalmed, because rocking to 5 awesome bands in a row would probably snap my neck clean off.

My neck still hasn’t quite reattached itself yet.

Last night I was feeling more a bad case of Friday than the previous week, but since I’ve already blown Dave off last week, I found it unforgivable to do it yet again. At some point, if you say you miss your buddy and you really want to hang out, you gotta suck it up and just go because words get cheap. I’m really glad I went because I enjoy the sound of my liver crying and sometimes I forget just how much I miss hanging out with someone until I’m with them. The only time I tend to blow friends off constantly is during the final crunch of my project. In fact, let me just say this now, if you’re my friend, I will be missing from June to August this year. I’m very sorry if you’re throwing yourself a birthday party, work will be kicking my ass. I’m even more sorry if you’re throwing yourself a wake, really I’d love to toast to your death if I could.

Oh and I also reserve all rights to disown friends and family during powder days. Still, for the remainder of this season, I doubt you’ll have to worry about my disowning you for that. It has been too damned warm. I was at my second home, REI the other day (I need some kind of REI patch, like a nicotine patch, but this simulates the feeling of euphoria from smelling new camping gear), and they’re already getting rid of all their winter inventory and selling swimsuits. REI is selling swimsuits in February in SEATTLE…if you want proof that global warming exists, that has to be it. Forget the weather channel, REI has magical weather scrying wizards to help figure out what they should stock up on…so swimsuits now would mean we should spackle on SPF 5000 and hope to not die a slow painful burning death.

Slide from the show here.

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