Happy Birthday and New Year

It is Chinese New Year! Fortune does not smile upon the wedded folks on our Lunar calendar. Bwa-ha-ha! For New Year, the adults give red envelop with lucky money to the children. In Chinese culture, you are considered a “child” until you are married. I think friends of the family are starting to get annoyed that all of us “kids”, even though we’re about to ready to have molds taken for our dentures, are not married. Far as I can see, getting married is just bad for the business; I’m up about 100 bucks at this point.

Last night was Jesse’s birthday eve. Needless to the say, the boy was given shots left and right until he had to outright reject them for fear of alcohol poisoning. Since he’s a giving kind of guy, he was giving free lap dances to all the ladies. Ladies, if you missed out on a free lap dance by our hot Latino boy, it is truly your loss. Oh, and he just hit the big three-oh so his joints are probably starting to go creaky, so future performances will no longer come with satisfaction guarantee.

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