Happy Valentine’s Day

Tis the week of no sleep for me. All I want to do is to get home at a decent time, read a book and go to bed early. This will probably not happen until at least next Monday.

It all started on Monday, when I stopped by my sister’s sushi joint for some quick bites before I go home. I ran into Kabir and his cute as a button girlfriend, Noreen. The two of them combined has more mystical convincing power than some pink and blue unicorns kicking a grouchy unicorn out of his nap. It’s all about the adventure. La-lala, la-lala. At least that’s what I told myself when I wondered how the hell did I get dragged out to some bar to poison my kidneys later that night. They were adorable fun to be around though.

Last night was my dad’s birthday dinner. Since all of us kids haven’t gotten together with him since my mom divorced him some five years back (the fact that 2 of us still have restraining orders on him might have something to do with that), we hung out a bit later.

Tonight is the night of happy happy joy joy love celebration day. Since I’m single, my sister insisted I go out and have dinner with her and her friends…mostly because I think she’s afraid I’ll kill myself if I hang out alone tonight. You’d think since she’s known me for my entire life, she would also know that of all the days in the year, Valentine’s Day would by the least likely day for me to kill myself. Because holy hell, I don’t want to go down and meet Satan and have him say, “Oh you’re that kid that died from a broken heart.” “I didn’t die from a broken heart! I died from ennui.” “Whatever kid, you’re amongst friends, you don’t have to lie about it.” Really, I’m okay with the idea of burning in hell, but eternal damnation with the label of being sad and lonely, that’s just unacceptable.

At work, during our Monday meeting, it was noted that we have a mini-deadline today and our producer said, we should aim to get our build out to the client early so that people can leave early to go do their Valentine’s Day thing. Of course, since the average mental age of the group is 5, someone pointed out that we should just make sure our people are NOT in love. We’ve also decided to give people the option to breakup/get a divorce before noon. A couple of my coworkers decided to pass out Valentine’s Day cards like back in grade school, one of the card said “Love the Nerd you’re with!” with some Nerds candy.

Hmmm, so far I’ve gotten some free candy and really good brownie and dinner…maybe getting to leave work early…I should milk this holiday some more.

Tomorrow, Brian’s band, Vulgarizer, is playing at Studio Seven and I’ve been soooo looking forward to seeing Embalmed play. Unleashed is supposed to be amazing too. If you dig grindcore death metal, you should come check out the show.

Then there’s Jesse’s birthday this weekend and Chinese New Year and Katie’s house warming party, and I would really like some sleep.

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