Howling and Goosing

Friday felt more Friday-like than any other Fridays before. I wanted out of work! I wanted to go home and crawl in bed. Last night, I made plans to hang out with my old roommate, Dave, whom I’ve missed dearly, but about halfway through the day, I’ve simply decided I missed a good nap more dearly. So I begged for a raincheck on hanging out and Dave, feeling a bad case of Friday himself, was happy to postpone.

As I was leaving work, my sister called and asked if I wanted to go catch Dream Girls at the Big Picture theatre. I really didn’t want to see Dream Girls because Beyoncé had fallen out of favor with me since Austin Powers. I loved her in Austin Powers, I thought she knew how to not take herself too seriously. From the previews of Dream Girls that I’ve seen, I felt like this was going to be a movie where it’s all about Beyoncé and how fabulous her ass is. I also thought this movie had certain over advertised and over-rated feel to it. Still…never under-estimate the convincing power that is my sister. I mentioned I needed a nap, she told me I could nap at her place…and she just cooked up all these vegetarian dishes. Did I mention my sister is a really good cook? I’m there.

Big Picture is a tiny little theatre under one of the best steakhouse in Seattle, El Gaucho. In my former life, I was very fond of this place. The coolest thing about the theatre is that it serves alcohol from a very full bar and because this is part of a fine establishment, their popcorn doesn’t come with cheap fake butter, it comes with white cheddar powder which is so damned good. We arrived right before the movie time, so the place was packed and the six of us had to split up to sit. I sat next to these three lovely ladies that were drunk off their asses and giggling like school girls (in a very endearing way). The ladies look like two sisters in their forties-fifties with their mom. I asked if the seat next to them was available, they laughed and said, “Sure, if you can tolerate us.” I smiled and told them, “Well, I’m sure I can put up with you ladies for one movie. After a few more drinks, I won’t even notice you’re there.” They giggled, one turned to my sister who was sitting behind us and asked, “Oooh, feisty. Does she bite?” My sister said, “No.” I cut in with, “I bite, but I’ve had all my shots.” The ladies were howling with laughter. It’s nice to be in a theatre where people are obviously having a good time.

The movie itself blew me away. The singing was amazing, and while Beyoncé’s ass was amazing as ever, it wasn’t the movie focal point. It could be the double Grey Gooses (Geese?) talking, but I really enjoyed the movie.

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