Monkey Balls

Congratulations to me, if you are seeing this page, it means I’ve managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.1 and not have fucked everything up. I’m hoping this version is a little more stable than the last one, because although 2.0 has served me well, it would randomly decide to not load up my page and display all sorts of database errors. This is probably a sign that my web hosting company sucks, but since it’s a bit more of a pain to switch hosting company for me, I’ve decided to blame WordPress.

In upgrading the site, I had to DELETE a good chunk of my files and folders, this is a bit scary. Don’t I do programming of some sort? Yes, I am indeed a code monkey which is probably the only reason why I’ve got iron balls capable of jumping into other people’s code when I have not a clue what’s going on, but web coding is different (okay, it’s not coding so much as deleting and dropping files, but that’s still creepy). Still, I figured if I completely botch the upgrade, I’ll just post a picture of this kitty (photo courtesy of Arbroath) and call it done…

You guys were this close to not having to listen to me ramble again.

Edit: Ack! I’ve lost my auto-format page!

Edit some more: Yay! Found it…minor upgrade woes, trying to figure out where everything went.

Edit to death: Okay, yeah, it’s my hosting company. I’m going with a different hosting company starting tomorrow. Let’s hope the move to a new server goes well.

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