Powder Karma Angel

This morning, I woke up, checked a couple websites and fell violently ill. I immediately sent message to work that I could not possibly make it in today due to my illness. I knew the cure to my ailments and it could only be provided by a certain shaman-type sitting on top of Skyline Express.

A few posts ago, I’ve pledged my undying love to you all until June, but apparently the season has turned. It’s interesting how I’ve been praying and praying for snow, but the slope was only getting icier and icier…soon as I make a little blog post about the sad state of snow condition, bam, SNOW! I think God has stopped listening to my prayer and He’s only reading about it in my blog, I better make sure my RSS feed is working correctly. Oh and God, if you’re reading this, I would like a few million bucks, a ball of cocaine (non-cut please), an environment friendly Land Cruiser and a free trip to Mount Everest, that’s all, love you…wait I almost forgot, and whirled peas.


As I was driving to the pass, I text messaged my sister’s boyfriend to see if he was heading up. We’ve made a pact to encourage each other to board on powder days.


Me: Call in sick. I’m off to Stevens.

Chris: You and Kevin are killing me! We had a big server crash yesterday so I’m stuck working.

Me: Awww, poor Chris. Where’s Kevin?

Chris: He wanted to head to stevens also. Not sure if he went. 10 inches of powder! I may blow off Thursday and head up.

Me: 10? I saw 20 this morning.

Chris: Thanks for that. I think my day just got worse. Damn. I hope they get more.

Me: Yeah, I said that just to make you feel crappy. I’ve got a screen capture of that snow report.

Chris: Ya could you email that over.

Me: Oh that was my intention. ;-)

Chris: Punk.


Yes, I am going to that section of hell where they put all the people that taunt their friends on snow day. It’ll be a big party, all my friends will be there. Originally, when I took that screen capture, I had planned to use it in my blog to whine about how much life sucked and how I had to go to work with 20 inches (+9 inches from the day before) of fresh powder haunting me. While I was cropping that image, I realized how whiny I’ve gotten and how I really can’t deal with myself writing yet another bitch post – bitchin’ hell yeah, but not bitch. I did a quick cost analysis between how much I would hate myself if I didn’t go versus the amount of work I have left until the next deadline. I’m actually ahead in my task, so I didn’t feel so bad about taking the day off…if I was behind, I might hesitate a bit. I would seriously hate myself for at least the next entire week if I didn’t go.


In between calling in fake sick and taunting my friends, I figured I’ve got some bad karma coming my way. Then, I thought about how I didn’t kick a puppy today like I was planning to, and my showing enough discipline to refrain from committing a bad action should earn myself some good karma. I’m Chinese and part Buddhist, which makes me an expert on reading the karma chart. According to my chart, not kicking a puppy will transcend me to god-like status.


When I got to the pass, I found an awesome parking space near the front from some person that left early. There wasn’t any line for lift ticket, so I sauntered up to the ticket booth with a shit-eating grin on my face. The ticket lady smiled at me and said, “Hi. How may I help you?” I dug in my pocket and said, “Hi, I would like one…of nothing please. I can’t find my wallet.” She laughed while I started digging through my other five hundred pockets, damned ski jacket and its many pockets. Two guys approached so I moved aside to let them go first. I found my wallet and got back in line behind them. While I was waiting, this gorgeous tall blonde girl walked up to me and said, “Would you like a free lift ticket?” I looked at her and she had an unmarred peeled ticket stuck on her finger, and replied, “Really?” She smiled and said, “Yeah, I found this sliding around on the ground. It’s your lucky day.” I was dumbstruck for a moment then said, “Oh my God. Thanks so much. You’ve made my day.”


I can’t tell you how good of a day it was to board on 20+ inches of DRY POWDER. The fact that there wasn’t any line doesn’t hurt either:

Actually come to think about it, today was the best powder day I’ve seen since I’ve started boarding, talk about having a day that was beyond nice.

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