Trees and a Marriage

I consider myself an intermediate snowboarder, when I’m on the slopes I stick with the blue runs and I know I’ll have a cruising sweet time. Whenever the lifts go over the tree areas, I see people boarding in there, I think, “Those crazy fuckers they’re going to break their stupid necks.” As with the trend in my life where I call people, silly or stupid, I inevitably fall into that category – I am a crazy fucker.

I went boarding with my sister’s boyfriend, Chris, today and the guy being a damned good rider took me riding in the tree area. According to him, riding in the trees was “the best”. I was partially convinced my sister has ordered him to kill me and leave my corpse for the crows, I even announced that to people riding the lift with us. Hey, I’m not going to let those murdering bastards get away that easy! He chose spots with sparsely populated trees since I was new to it. After our first run through the trees, I thought, “Holy hell, where have these trees been all my life?” Riding in the tree area adds a certain element of obstacle course challenge and there is true powder galore. If you haven’t boarded amongst the trees, go now, stop what you’re doing and get in there. If you’ve never boarded, go take a lesson, go up the rope tow a couple times and get in the trees already!


Ever question decisions you’ve made? Advice you’ve given? Up until a couple months ago, I’ve been haunted by an advice I’ve given my sister. A couple years ago, when she had been dating her last boyfriend for about a week or so, she called me up one night and told me, “Guess what? We’re running off to Vegas to get married. I just want you to be the first to know.” It was about 2:30 a.m. on a Tuesday so I was half asleep, and completely pissed off. I told her I thought she was making a big mistake. She was drunk and didn’t care too much for my opinion, we talked for a bit but hung up after neither of us getting anywhere. I woke up the next morning and called her up and asked if that was just drunk talking or was she serious. She was serious. I calmly told her, “Sister, I’ve never begged you for anything in my life. Now I’m begging you, promise me you’ll wait six months before you marry this guy. In six months, I will show up to your wedding anywhere in the world and give you my blessing.” I chose six months because I figured she wouldn’t wait a year, and six months seems like a good enough amount of time to get to know someone…I figured correctly and she kept her promise to me. They broke up after three months and did the on again, off again thing for a few more months which only made things uglier and uglier. She was madly in love with this guy, the whole ordeal broke her heart.

After the break-up, she told me they would have seriously gotten married if she didn’t promise me to wait. She seemed convinced that despite the breakup, if they got married while things were good, the guy would have made good on his vows and treated her well. I felt so guilty, while I felt like her not marrying the guy was for the best, I still wondered if maybe I should have let her live her life. It got even harder when she had been single for about a year (record single time for her since she was 16) and she would sometimes ask me in drunken sadness, “Sister, do you think we’ll ever find the right guys for us?” I replied, “Sister, we’re two of the most blessed people I know of, we have so much to be thankful for and I know we’ll still have much more to come. I don’t think we’re meant to die alone.” She wasn’t too convinced. The question came more and more frequently the longer she was single. I felt worse and worse each time. After a while, I was convinced I might have ruined my sister’s life.

Then she met Chris. Chris loves her in the way that I’ve always wished someone would love her. He talks about her with googlie-eyed sappiness like she is his moon and stars. She seems really happy with him. Now whether or not this relationship lasts, I’m damned happy to not have to feel so guilty anymore, and I’m just so grateful to see my sister happy. She ran into the ex while she was out with Chris recently, she told me the feeling is gone and she’s happy with Chris.

I said all that to say – hawt damned, if I didn’t break that shit up, I would’ve lost an awesome tree boarding buddy.

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