Ungodly Chocolate Cake

Ever had a night where you just can not get drunk for the life of you? At some point during Saturday night, I honestly thought every bar I was going to must be serving me water instead of Grey Goose, because they look so similar I can see how that’s a common error…except for the damned 80 proof part! Oh and one tastes like death seeping into your body. Of course drunk-logic would dictate that the only way to combat this would be to keep drinking more shots. In the course of the night I had around 5-6 Grey Goose tonic and 5-6 more Chocolate Cake shots, at least a few of those were doubles. I was ridiculously sober for the night, but dear god did I wake up with the world’s worst hangover. I spent all of Sunday asking God why has he forsaken me…I know he’s up there shaking his head at this idiot that he still somehow manages to love and randomly making neck wringing gestures.

I saw my sister’s boyfriend, Chris, tonight, who was matching me drinks and shots, and I told him how all the drinks backhanded much much later. He told me the same thing happened to him, he was stone cold sober then he got home and passed out while brushing his teeth. Considering the guy is a 6’3” German dude, I don’t feel so bad that my little 5 nothing Chinese self got smacked around by a few drinks.

Today I finally got off my ass and joined my buddy JC’s karate class. (Karate class at 30? Yeah, next thing you know, I’ll start taking piano and ballet lessons. Maybe learn how to do double dutch while I’m at it. Hell, I’ll just go back to grade school.) He’s tried to get me to go for a while, but I’ve always found some excuse or another (yeah, I’ve got to reorganize my mp3′s for the millionth time)…but it is the winter of sucky snow, so I ran out of cheap excuses . He emailed me saying he’ll tell the instructor to plan an extra painful workout for me, because we’re still in kindergarten and he’s a jerkface that likes to scare me. Of course, I told him to please tell the instructor to do that because “I welcome pain with open arms”…mostly because I’m a little chicken shit that likes to make up for that fact by talking really big. Still, all the hiking I’ve done made karate much easier than it might otherwise have been, I can squat and kick for years, and it was definitely good fun. There were lots of awkward arms being flung while pretending I know how to do a proper block, but at least I didn’t slap myself silly by accident (which sadly, I have done before). If you’ve ever knocked yourself out before, you’ll know it’s every bit as embarrassing as it looks – can’t even laugh your way out of that because…oh the pain, the pain.

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