Camping At Lake Keechelus

No, I am not bloated, pasty and floating in some ice cold water somewhere. I have officially survived snow camp #2. We did camp next to a lake, but the lake was so thoroughly frozen over that it would take a lot more than some fruit train storm to thaw it out. To be fair, we got buckets and buckets of rain dumped on us…but our tents and tarps held up.

The hike in and out was ridiculously flat and it wasn’t all that scenic, but the heavy weight we were carrying plus snowshoes still made for good exercise. We got lucky with the timing of rain, because it started pouring after we made our way to camp and had our tarps set up. Then the rain stopped in the morning right around the time we got up to cook breakfast and pack.

Since the overall hike was pretty easy, we each packed in one dura-log each. At night we had a huge fire going while each person took turns making hot beverage spiked with whatever alcohol they brought. I brought chai with vodka again, which was still one of the biggest crowd pleaser and we had decaf coffee with Kahlua, some spiced fruit drink with rum, and my favorite was hot chocolate with Rumplemintz (it tastes like Thin Mints Girl Scouts cookies). Yes, the trip was a cheap excuse to go out in the woods and get shit-faced, which was mostly why I didn’t want to go, but it was definitely a good way to send a buddy off to the land of sleepless nights and diaper rashes.

Randomly, Fraser would forget that he’s about to be a father and he would start planning trips that we should think about doing soon.  Then we all joked about how his kid is going to turn out black because we all knew he spent more nights out in the woods than with his wife last year.  I think he’s hoping his kid will turn out black.

On our way out, we felt the Pineapple Express randomly blowing warm breeze across the path which was extremely pleasant.

I’d like to take a petty moment to express how nice it is to backpack with a group that isn’t made up entirely of people with legs twice as long and that are in much better shape, because I was starting to thinking I must be the world’s slowest backpacker.  Well, actually everyone else’s legs were still twice as long, even Jason’s wife Shawna is much taller than I, but I’m just happy to not always be the person waaaay in the back.

Slide of the trip here.

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