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What’s a girl to do when she wakes up feeling extremely dehydrated from a hangover and recent blood donation? Hiking of course. It rained buckets yesterday while I was hiking through Mt. Si, but the temperature was so warm, I didn’t bother with a jacket or hat. I highly recommend hiking in warm rain and just letting yourself get soaked, it just feels amazing. When the fresh rain hits you, you get this wonderful smell of ozone combined with the smell of wet tree and dirt…the world could not be more wonderful.

The nice thing about blogging is I can see around this time last year, I was doing the exact same thing…hiking 36 hours after donating blood…but in completely different hiking shape. God damned I was a whiny newbie hiker. It’s good to see I’ve made some improvement in mental strength, I definitely felt a little faint the beginning of the hike again, but never for a moment did I think I would have to turn back. The sad thing to see was last year we still had snow galore at the top of Si…hell it was snowing while we were there, this year with the crappy warm weather, there was hardly a patch of snow up top.

I woke up this morning to strange feeling of…muscle soreness. This is why athletic health nuts abhor drinking. Damn green beer day! I eat Mt. Si for breakfast; that hike usually doesn’t even faze me a bit, but you combine that with severe dehydration and the oil that makes your muscle move goes to shit. If you are out of shape, DO NOT try a hard hike without hydrating the hell out of yourself, it will make everything hurt that much more the next day.

I decided to go shop for a road bike today. When I walked in Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles…I felt a little overwhelmed by the endless options. How the hell does a person pick out a bike from all that stash? Then the salesperson talked to me…and asked me how tall I was, and suddenly the endless options became TWO. Apparently, not every bike company out there makes bikes for midgets, go figure. The lady pulled out these two bikes that are so small framed that a miniature daschund could ride it. My options are not too bright, I’ve got:

  1. Bike with great parts and feels great in the world’s crappiest color.
  2. Bike with a sweeter paint job and not nearly as great parts.

Great, kick me in the head again for being short.


I went for a walk at Seward Park afterward…halfway through my walk this lady catches up to me and said, “Wow, you’re a fast walker. People tell me I walk fast all the time, but you’re half my size and you’re going close to my pace.” She has at least 10 inches on me. I laughed and told her, “I’ve had a lifetime practice of being short, I make up for the fact by walking as fast as my little legs will carry me.” We ended up chatting a bit for the remainder of the walk. At one point she said, “Look at that kid go!” I looked over and there’s this kid that looked about 10, riding a skooter with his little brother who looked about 6. The older kid was talking on a cellphone! He rode by us talking the whole time. We laughed with disbelief. I said, “Oh god, I feel like smacking the adults when they do that, let alone a kid.” Seriously…if you’re 10, just be 10, there isn’t any conversation so important that it can’t wait until you get done riding through the park with your little brother.

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