Empty Drawers and Needles

As I was dropping Sung off at the airport to visit his sweet adorable sexy girlfriend, he said something that nearly made me cry. He said, “I cleared out some drawers for you in the room and bathroom so that you have room for your stuff.” I know it’s silly to cry over empty drawers, but it’s more the fact that after all that he has done for me already, he’s still willing to go the extra mile. All my life, I’ve gone out of my way to do things for other people, it’s rare that I ask other people for anything, I forget how nice it is to have someone show me love in return. This isn’t even the same kind of love as doing random acts of kindness for a stranger because I do that a lot too, and I know that kind of love is about 99% selfish because in the end, I did it because I know how good doing stuff like that makes me feel. When you do something for someone you care for, it’s because you genuinely love them and you’re not thinking about what you might get in return, and there’s something sweet and pure about that. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, I feel really blessed to have good people in my life that continues to inspire me and show me that the world isn’t all selfish – that in the end, to be that stupid nice person isn’t all stupid because it guides you to these wonderful people.

I made an appointment to see my doctor yesterday because in order to volunteer at Harborview Hospital, you not only need criminal history check, and TWO letter of recommendations – you also need proof that you have a list of vaccines done. I can’t remember if I have half of the stuff done ever, so I’m guessing I will need a shot or five. Why is it, recently, every time I try to do something for someone else, I get stabbed in the arm with a giant needle? I mean, c’mon, I can clear some drawers too you know.

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