Exercising my Squatter’s Right

I’m moving out to a place that’s a block from my best friend’s apartment…scratch that, I’m squatting at that place. My friend Sung is going to be in Korea for a month so I asked if it would okay for me to camp there while I search for the condo of my dreams in that area, he didn’t even think about it and said yes. He asked me today if I would need to borrow his car since my car will probably not fit in his parking space and trying to find parking in that area is a royal bitch especially with my huge ass SUV. The guy is a saint, not only is he letting me trash his place while he’s gone, but I get to trash his car and run up his electric/water bill…bills that he will NOT let me pay for. I even tried to buy him some games and stuff to repay him but he wouldn’t even hear of it. Yes, even though I call my friends assholes, they really are amazing people. They put up with my annoying I’m-so-independent-I-don’t-need-you ass and take care of me when I need it the most.

There are a few things that I’ve wanting to do that being in the Capitol Hill area would greatly improve:

  1. Volunteer at Harborview Hospital (he lives 5-6 blocks from this place)
  2. Train with Jesse for bicycle ride for Seattle-to-Portland. (he lives 5-6 blocks from Jesse)
  3. Take Yoga (he lives a 2-6 blocks from a bunch of different studios)
  4. Guitar Hero with dual guitars parties with some thrown in Wii action (my best friend lives a block away, it doesn’t get any easier)
  5. This is probably the most important thing: Figure out if I could live in this area because I’m a light sleeper and he said that there’s an ambulance going by every five minutes because there are two major hospitals in the area. It could be a bit unpleasant, in a pineapple shoved up the ass kind of way, to drop 3-4 hundred grand on a closet space only to find that I can’t get any sleep in it.

I’ve also been wanting to find if I could bike/bus to work instead of chugging around in my giant vehicle, a few of my coworkers live in that area and they said it’s pretty easy to bike/bus to work, so I’m very excited by this prospect. Waking up extra early to catch the bus will be a bitch, but I can learn to deal with it. I’m hoping since I might be borrowing Sung’s car that I would feel really bad about using it and be encourage to bike everywhere.
I asked Sung to pack his personal stuff, things he doesn’t want people to riffle through, and put it in a box and label it “DO NOT TOUCH!” so that I could claw through that first. Is there a better way to entertain myself at a new surrounding? I think not. Next, I plan to steal all his friends and his life…it’ll be like Single Asian Female. I’ll start showing up on poker night and sit in his spot and insist that his friends call me Sung. Hey, it’s not creepy until I murder him and stash his corpse in the closet.

Side note: I’ve stopped eating seafood too…so if you’re out with me and I insist on vegetarian fare, please don’t give me grief, you should just be happy I’m not stealing half your steak.

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