Flood Camping – because snow camping is for wussies!

Tomorrow is my buddy Fraser’s funeral. Well, he’s not actually dead, but he’s wishing he is right about now. We had a snow camping trip planned for this weekend and I’ve originally decided not to go because it’s got a few big things going against it:

  1. Place we’re going to is completely flat, which means it will not be any kind of work-out heading in.

  2. We’ve got too many people wanting to go…with me, it’ll be 8. Numbers beyond 4-5 gets to be a bit much and the group tends to not be as cohesive.

  3. RAIN!!

I know I’ve been complaining a bit too much about the rain but when you read articles like this:

Friday, March 9, 2007 – Page updated at 10:54 AM

Heavy rain forecast for Western Washington

By The Associated Press

The “Pineapple Express” is headed for the Northwest.

The National Weather Service says moist air from the direction of Hawaii will bring heavy rains this weekend to Western Washington. Meanwhile the freezing level rises to nine-thousand feet in the mountains.

The combination of rain and melting snow could fill some rivers to flood stage.

The city of Seattle has advised contractors to inspect street storm drain filters to make sure they are not clogged.

Heavy rains last December killed a woman who was trapped in her flooded basement in Seattle.

Copyright © 2007 The Seattle Times Company

And we’re thinking of camping in the snow right next to a lake that could flood and drown us in our sleep…makes me rethink “rain”. One guy in the group asked to move our camp date to another weekend. This is Fraser’s email response:

That would be nice, but I can’t. If we each bring a tarp, we can get a pretty good tarp city deal going on, and that lets you get out of the rain and dry off. Plus the duraflame fire will be nice!! C’mon, lez dooooit!!!!!!!!!!”

That last sentence screamed dead man walking. I almost forgot why he was so desperate to go…his wife is expecting their baby any day now. I told Fraser it’s not cool that his kid is cramping our style even before he/she is born. Fraser isn’t exactly dealing so well with this being a father business, whenever we mention the baby around him, he gets all wild-eyed and frightened. I’ve never met anyone soul more independent than Fraser, even his dog, Haley takes after him. That dog is the first of its kind that I’ve met that acts like a cat…ignores you completely and doesn’t let you pet her. So yeah, this weekend, if we don’t all drown, is the trip to send a buddy out in style.

I’m sure you’ve read articles about groups of people that go on some outdoors adventure and they get in some horrific accident because they’re out in weather that they have no business being in – I’m betting somebody in that group is about to be a father.

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