Gallon + 1

We have a major milestone tomorrow so we’ve been putting in a couple extra hours at work.  We also had a blood drive today, so I thought it would be great if I donated blood then go pass out at my desk…because you know, panicky coworkers could be funny.

I make it a point to give blood whenever there’s a blood drive here, but after the last couple times I’ve donated blood, I’ve been a bit scared.  I’m not exactly the biggest gal on the planet which makes it a bit hard to locate my veins and even when they do, they sometimes lose the thing, which means they manipulate a needle the size of a garden hose while it’s inserted into your arm to find that vein again.  Fun stuff.  They always give me crap because they don’t think I weigh enough thinking I’ll pass out if I try…I’ve donated more than a gallon of blood now, you think they would trust that I might know what I’m doing.  They always do an iron test to check if you’re anemic before you give blood, I was a bit worried about that since I’ve gone the no eating red-meat route for over half a year now…nope, I’m still good.  Blood sank like a rock in the test.

The one fun thing is, one of the tech was someone that worked at the last blood drive.  She was just starting to date this guy last year…I asked about the boyfriend and she’s still cute and blushing and said she’s hoping he’ll marry her soon.  Blood donation went so well this time I don’t understand why I ever had problem with vein finding or slow flowing blood.  As I was leaving I told Sue I hope to see her happily married next time I see her, she smiled and said, “Yes, working on it.”

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