Keys found! Apparently, I left them at work thinking I wouldn’t be moving in until Monday.

Sunday was a pretty nice day so I thought I should explore the neighborhood in my brand new road bike. Sounds like a pretty sweet idea, right? Right – unless you’ve never tried riding your bike before and you realize you don’t know how to use your gears right as you get to a hill in the middle of a busy intersection. I have a mountain bike and I’ve used those gears plenty of times, but the gears on this bike is quite different from my other bike. I ended up wobbling all over the freaking intersection trying to make sure every car on that road might get a good chance to clip me…then finally I had to hop off the damned thing to avoid serious injury to my pride. I went to Madison Market to pick up some Kombucha and struggled with figuring out how to lock my bike to the bike rack. As I was leaving, one of my coworker came riding up in his bike. He smiled at me and said, “Wow, look at you and your bike go! Is that your new bike?” I replied, “Yes, it’s my new bike. Can you show me how to use my gears?” I’m a pro, man.

I went my doctor’s appointment this morning to make sure I’ve got all the vaccines I need for volunteering at the hospital. Never joke about how many shots you will be needing! I ended with FOUR needles to the arm. You know how you will know if the shot is about to hurt like a bitch? When the nurse asks you which arm you write with to give you a shot in the other arm…and she tells you to breathe deeply and exhale right before she stabs you. Gah!

I haven’t moved my computer over yet and I’m kind of enjoying not having a computer at home. Last night, instead of checking my email for the five hundredth time (Why does no one love me?), I decided to take a walk. I walked by a homeless man who was cracking open a beer in a paper sack, I smiled at him. The man started hitting on me with, “Konichiwa? Hi, sweet thing.” It’s good to know our Seattle bums are so cultured as to try hitting on me with Japanese, but doesn’t he realize it’s offensive to Asian people when you get our specific ethnicity all mixed up? I mean had he said, “Ni hao, sweet thing,” I would be all over him, instead I got all offended and started walking away real fast. He stumbled a little toward me, “Come back. Konichiwa? Hey, sweet thing.” Yeah, okay, this is why people adopt the city frown.

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