I Should Get Out More

Seriously, weather gods…we got new snow in the mountains every single day of the week, and then come weekend, you rain? WTF?

I worked from home today, which is nice (yes, I actually did get a lot done), but this weather is also depressing the shit out of me…which sucks dirty old wet gym socks. You would think that from living in Seattle, I would get use to this weather, but apparently not. Apparently, having your joy and excitement over fluffy soft powdery snow robbed from you is not something one gets over easily. I know, it’s only joy and happiness, I should stop being such a pussy.

I’m still a little cracked out from the caffeine I downed a whole bunch of from the night before, why the hell did I do that? I think I went out with Charlie last night and I think we played some pool, and I think he might have won a game or two…but again, too cracked out on caffeine to remember. So I’m going with, he never won a game, and I rule!

I vaguely remember him doing annoying unicorn impressions. Never send annoying videos to friends with the intention of bugging the crap out of them because that stuff will come back and bite you in the ass, by means off annoying high pitched voice through most of an entire meal, pausing only when the waiter comes by. Good times. Oh god, I just check out their main site…does Charlie write for them?  This is exactly something he would say:

“You get my axe of capitalism right in your face.”

I hate it when the weather gets me down like this, because it causes everything else to gnaw away at me. My usually jovial demeanor switches to, fuck you, fuck the world. Hey you reading this right now, I’m flipping you the bird. No…wait…wait for it… Double bird! Sorry, yeah, I’m done with my work day, I need to get out of the house.

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