Keys and Toys

Sung’s place is awesome, and by awesome I mean, when he comes back to reclaim his space in one month and three weeks, he will have to fight me to the death over it. I plan to take a few more karate classes these next two months. If I feel like I might fail, I’ll just call my best friend, Brian to back me up. He has a black belt in karate, and while I’m sure there’s some kind of code of conduct in whom they are allowed to attack under special circumstance, I think “defending best friend’s right to freeload off someone” is a very noble cause. Sung’s place is also a nice place but has a very masculine feel about it, not in a bachelor slob sort of way, but in a masculine furniture sort of way, I figured it could use some feminine touch. I’m bringing over my PS2 and Xbox to decorate the place; the place is so girly right now, straight men will turn gay walking into the place.

Last night I decided to move my stuff over, I figured I would move early-ish then walk over to the store and cook myself a lovely vegetarian feast. I get to the building door and found that I had somehow lost his keys. I DON’T lose stuff. I’ve got lipgloss older than its expiration date sitting in my purse; I don’t know how the hell I lose the freaking keys. I’m sure it’s all karma for making fun of my sister for losing her restaurant keys the day after she gets her place re-keyed, but that’s my sister, she loses shit all the time. My mom has always said, if her head wasn’t attached by the neck, she would lose that too…I’m not that person. Damn it! Luckily, Sung has the foresight to tell me that Jesse has an extra copy of the keys – you think he didn’t trust me to hang onto the keys or something.

I parked illegally near the front door and dragged most of my stuff in…then I went to park my car in a space that happens to be in right in front of Brian’s building. As I dragged the last bit of stuff out of my car, I realized I needed a hand, so I called Brian out. We made our way over to the condo and the first thing we decided we had to do, was play some Guitar Hero. Then I noticed, Sung must have loaned out his PS2 because it wasn’t anywhere to be seen…but Brian said, “That’s okay, I’ll just run home and get mine.” It’s so sweet when your best friend lives half a block away. This reminds me of being 5 and playing with the neighbor’s kids and we get to run home to grab some toys to share, but the best part is we don’t have parents harassing us to get to bed…a good stiff drink with the games doesn’t hurt either. I think we played about 5 minutes of the game before I declared that I’m never moving home again and Brian said, “Fuck yeah, you should never move home again!”

I’m thirty so you would think I should have been out on my own long ago…well, I was, but there was a point a few years back when I would get terrible terrible nightmares. It got so bad that I would wake up sobbing and I would be too terrified to go back to sleep, right about that same time my mother divorced my dad. It was really hard on her since they had been married for 30+ years. She bought a big house and asked all of us kids to move in with her, we all did and for a long while we all lived happily together. We’re still happy together and we all still get along great, but I can’t deal with living at home anymore, and I was clawing at the walls to get out. So right now, I’m searching for a place to rent or buy. Wish me good luck with that.

I went out clubbing with my sister last night. At the end of the night, we get inside her car and she said she lost her car keys. Yeah, she somehow thought it would be smart to take only the alarm fob and leave the keys behind to minimize things to carry. We had to cab back to her place where she has spare keys.


Keys lost in less than a week: 3

Dignity preserved: none

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