Let Me Work Saturdays

If you told me a year ago that I would one day gladly trade my Saturdays for Wednesdays at work, I would have told you that you’re out of your mind. Yet, today, I find myself asking work to give me next Wednesday off and in return I would gladly work Saturday. Since I am no longer the crazy party beast that I once was, Saturdays are no longer saved for hangover recovery…instead it just becomes the day that I resent there being too many snowboarders on the slope.

I was too tired to talk about our last night-skiing trip…but holy hell, Tuesday night was the best night boarding I’ve ever done. We just kept getting so damned much snow that we rounded up a crew of 12-13 people and we were pretty much the only ones there so we had the entire freaking mountain to ourselves. It’s fun to be on a mountain where just about everyone you bump into is someone you know.

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday, he turns 12. Gah! Twelve! That’s almost 1/3 my age. I called my sister to see which game she bought him for his birthday, she told me she was thinking buying him some clothes. I had to explain to her every year that buying a kid that young clothing is like punishing them. Clothing seems like something a kid that age could expect even on non-special day. I’ll bet no kid ever cheered with fist pumping in the air over SOCKS! YES! YES! YES! SOCKS! Sorry for the excessive use of caps there. I got him Elebits and Elite Beat Agents.

I was recently playing Elite Beat Agents for research and found it to be pretty damned good…and it seems like every other DS programmer is playing that game right now, so I expect there to be two thousand or so knock-offs this Christmas season.

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