Please Understand

Tonight is such a weird night. People are strange. It could be the full moon, but every where I go, I see people in strange disagreement with each other.

Couples fighting…I get called in for tech support a lot for that. I understand men a lot better than women, so I get calls from girlfriends…and they almost get in that same fight with me all over again, but their emotions aren’t involved, so we actually HEAR each other for a change. I’ve recently had a girlfriend call me saying they think the boyfriend is being controlling…I asked in what ways, apparently the gal made a bunch of plans but didn’t follow through on anything and the guy flipped out and asked to be left out of the plans…controlling. I said, “I think you’re being rude.” She laughed…not because she thought I was being snarky, but because she realized that’s what she was being.

I’m no better than any other girl, you put me in that same spot and I think my heart might get broken, I’m just as stupid… All I’m saying is, stop and hear each other for just half a second, stop assuming the other person is out to hurt you. If for once, we think the other person honestly wants to hear you, and that somehow, we’re just not hearing each other…fights would get cut in half.

Tonight I see a couple that just got in a fight…well, the girl thought it was a fight, the guy thought it was a minor disagreement. In the end, I hear the girl is scared because she thought the guy was mad. The guy decided there is nothing to hear because there was never a fight far as he goes, just a bit of confusion over the situation. I just got the guy to sit and listen to the girl say that she was scared…simple but hard.

I wrote a letter of recommendation for a buddy of mine recently…and his comment after reading the letter, “I never thought anyone noticed half the stuff I did.” I wonder how many people felt that way…that perhaps all of us, felt under appreciated in some ways. I almost wish I would be given a chance to write a letter of recommendation for everyone that I love, so that they know why I truly love them, even for things they assume I never noticed about them.

Because it is a full moon melancholy night with crappy snow in the mountain, I leave you with an old favorite quote of mine that I actually borrowed, from 1984,
“Perhaps one does not wish to be loved so much as to be understood.”

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