To Hit or Hit On

If I stop posting, you can rest very assured that I am slumbering peacefully (for eternity) under the wheels of some truck with my bicycle crushed into my pelvic bone.  I’m not sure how people get around on their bikes in Seattle, I always feel like I’ve got a big “Please hit me!” and in smaller print “If I’m stopped at a corner, please please please hit on me.” sign attached to my back when I’m riding around.  Obviously that’s not stopping me, and since I now know how to use the gears on my bike, I’ve been huffing around the streets of Capitol Hill quite a bit.

Things I’ve noticed from riding around the neighborhood, the hills on Capitol Hill seems worse when you’re driving around on it and Seattle is frickin’ small!  There’s something about being on a bike, I don’t really notice how steep some of the hills are until I get off the bike and I’m seeing black spots and I feel faint.  I know I’m a wuss at the moment, but if my one year old blog has anything to prove – it’s that this will all pass soon enough, in another year I will be blogging about leading my own crew of bicyclists across the city – egging them to go faster and calling them pussies when they whine.  Seattle is retarded small; when I’m driving around, I get all the sprawling little sections of Seattle, so I don’t really notice how ridiculously tiny the city is…on a bike, I pedal around for a couple minutes and…hey Capitol Hill just ended!  There just doesn’t feel like there’s much to this place because one runs out of non-residential road so fast.

I took a bus into work for the first time in my life yesterday.  I could tell I was the only first timer by my overly cheerful disposition compared to everyone else.  I was sure my coworker, who was kind enough to show me the routes/stops/transfers/whatnot, wanted to strangle me for being a bouncing ball of sunshine at 8 in the morning.  Still, it’s hard to not be cheerful when the sun is out, and you’re about to be driven through your nasty commute and you get to sit back and read.  I’ve been a live-in-the-suburbs-and-drive-a-truck-that-is-bigger-than-your-house girl for so long that this is a nice change of pace.

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