Happy Milestone Week

This week is milestone week, so I’ve been once again putting in a few extra hours at work.  I love milestone week because there’s usually such a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week.  I hate milestone week because this is the week where all the crap that I really don’t want to do, stuff that I’ve carefully Tetris’d into the storage closet, have to be dragged out and sorted through.  There are bugs that took hours of banging my head against the wall and sobbing loudly at my keyboard to find that one bad line of code.

Last night as I was driving home with a crick in my brain, I thought, “God, I could sure use a cold beer right about now.”  Right then, Jesse called me up – I could hear in the background that he was out and about.  I demanded to know where he was.  He told me he was with Sung and they’re drinking at Hooters (I love my classy friends) and that I should join them.  After zero seconds of arm twisting, I told him I’ll be right there.

Tonight, when I drive home, I’m going to focus on thinking, “God, I could sure use a buddy that wants to climb Mount Adams with me.”

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