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Last year, I hiked/backpacked every weekend between April and October, about half of them were with friends, half of them solo. Whenever I mention that I hike every weekend to a non-hiker they would ask if they could join me or suggest a friend that I should look up to keep me company and I would always decline. I decline because I am an asshole misanthrope that jealousy guards my quality time with me. And why would I want some newbie to hold me back? I was in my selfish mode and I wasn’t done with my solo talks with me, god, and the universe (although there was one hike that was 11 miles roundtrip in complete solitude that got me pretty bored with all three company).

This year, I felt that I should try to get people into hiking so I figured I would try to gather a group of newbie hikers once a month and drag them up Mount Si or something to that equivalent. I gathered 3 hikers and somehow by Saturday, only one showed up. This was the real reason I didn’t try to form newbie groups before…people seem more interested in talking about hiking/biking/backpacking/climbing than to actually do it. I was really glad that Jesse showed up for the hike, because even with all my pep and energy over hiking, having 3 people bail could sap whatever go-getting I had.

Jesse was well-rested and in good form to kick Mount Si’s ass. We completed the hike in about 2.5 hours which beats even my usual time of 3 hours. I’ve noticed whenever I bring one of my long-legged buddies, I always tend to go faster. I’m just happy that Jesse was such a trooper, quickly leading the way up top, waiting for my short legs occasionally, and he was so kind as to oblige me a a photo next to the sign.

Later that night, Jesse, being our token Latino friend, was so kind as to host some Cinco de Mayo festivity with some magically delicious homemade sangria. Still later that night, we wandered the streets of Capitol Hill looking for a good club for some dancing, we heard there was latin hip-hop at Baltic Room. Somehow we forgot that we live in Capitol Hill and what we ended up with was gay latin hip-hop night.


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