Off The Fence and On the Post

I’ve been very much on the fence when it comes to doing the Seattle-to-Portland (STP) bike ride. Life has been a bit too chaotic to establish a good training regime. Some of my friends that are planning on doing this have been telling me about their bi-weekly training. I get weekly reports of, “this week we did 30 miles” and “this week we did 35” and now they’re up to 50 miles. I feel extremely behind because I’ve only been huffing up and down Capitol Hill and I might get 10 miles on a good day.

On Saturday, I decided to get my ass on the bicycle highway to see if I can get some actual mileage on my bike. I started near University Village and ended up in Redmond, my trip computer read 43 miles for the round-trip…not too shabby for a first extended ride. A few things noted:

  1. Riding a bike on the bike highway is stupid easy, the only minor physical difficulty about the ride was the saddle soreness factor after mile 35. I did the entire 43 miles ride with a short bathroom break which was more to blow my nose because my sinus goes haywire with a hint of wind-chill factor.
  2. After mile 30 the ride got boring…not just a bit boring, but “get me off the fucking road right the hell now because I would rather be anywhere else than here” boring.
  3. I used biking cleats with my step-in pedals for the first time. Apparently, it might have been a good idea to adjust the tension on the pedal release before using them for the first time. My shoes clicked into the pedal during the ride, but at some point the trail crossed through traffic and I tried to get my feet off the pedal but they were welded to them. With my shoes stuck, I had the choice of pedaling straight into traffic or stop and tipping over. I chose to ride up to a light pole and hugged it. I stopped, balanced for a moment, and tipped over; my right foot released before my bike crash landed. Yes, as I have reiterated many times in this blog: I am the epitome of poise and grace. Luckily, this graceful gal had half a wit to carry her bike tool with her to adjust the tension on the pedals and to tighten the clips in her cleats.

I’m leaping off the fence for the STP ride right now. It’s simply not my personal Everest to endure hours of riding boredom with literal pain in my ass. My personal Everest is Kilimanjaro.

Oh yeah, people, Bikram Yoga sucks, especially on Sunday so stop piling up on my class already! We had 36+ people in a tiny little 105 degrees and extra humid room this last Sunday…I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to feel sweat drip over from the strangers next to me. Yum.

Here’s a tip to newbie Bikram Yoga students, the coolest class is the early 6:45 a.m. class because the instructor told me they would have to be there by 4 a.m. to properly heat up the class. The last class of the day will definitely be heated to the proper temperature, go to class 30 minutes early and lay on your towel to give yourself time to adjust to the heat gradually, so you don’t drop dead half-way through class.

I’ve picked up a couple gourmet vegetarian cookbooks and I just started experimenting with fennel. Here’s a hint to newbie gourmet cook wannabes, always keep some asparagus or broccoli around to stir-fry for backup.






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