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vaccination.gifI got up an hour earlier this morning to get still more shots for my volunteer thing at Harborview. I think missed the fine prints and I must have volunteered to be a lab rat instead of helper rat. After months of waiting, I will finally get to attend a volunteer orientation on the 27th of this month, after which I might actually get to *gasp* work a volunteer shift…but I’m sure that’s not going to happen until I get a few more shots. I’m half expecting that if I even look at a patient wrong, they’ll send me off to get vaccinated. Walked by Room 103B? Go get vaccinated.
Getting all these vaccines and reading about them got me thinking…why don’t I have these shots already? The ones for Hepatitis A and B lasts a lifetime and they simply seem like a good idea to have. I’m going to have a talk with my parents and ask them why they are trying to kill me with neglect. Sure, sure, I know there are risks involved with vaccines so why expose your kids to something they are at low risk for…blah blah, but I could have died from a liver failure that isn’t related to my alcoholic tendencies. Also, if they shot me up full of vaccines as a kid, I would have long since forgotten the pain from the needles, it’s not nearly as acceptable to have a grown woman cry from her vaccines.

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