This One Goes Out To The One I Love

Dear Lazy Bastard Self,
I have to admit, being lazy and sitting around on our ass while watching Heroes was fun, but did you honestly think you’d get away with that shit two weeks in a row? Thanks to you, by the time we finally got ourselves to the trailhead, the morning sun has long since hidden itself behind clouds that mirthfully dumped buckets of rain on us. Hilarious. Oh, I’d like to point out that it was pretty fucking annoying of you to bitch up a storm when we got to the Mailbox Peak trailhead. We’ve already established that this trail hurts, just suck it up and go. And that last minute attempt to get us to turn around to Mount Si for an easier hike; that was not cute not even with the lips quivering pout.
Also, we’ve already complained enough about the heat in our Bikram yoga class in this blog, complaining more before the class will not get you out of it. If you don’t hold such regular influence over our every action, we might get a stretch in once in a while, thus eliminating the need for a class to force us to stretch.
Thanks for hiding our climbing gear underneath the other bags, that was actually a pretty good move, it’s nice to see you putting some effort in being lazy. I almost gave up…but we’re going climbing today, so suck it!

Your Secret Admirer

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