Yet Another Drug

On Sunday, I debated over whether I should go hiking or attend a yoga class. Hiking won by my need to feel pain in my quads. I made breakfast and clicked on a link to some Nickelback video. I noticed the video was spliced with the show “Heroes” which all the kids have been raving about for the past five hundred years. I also noticed that the show had the adorable little blonde girl from “Remember the Titans”. I did a little googling and found they had all the episodes online. Seeing as to how I’m always about five hundred years behind all fads, I figured this one was ripe and that I should check out one episode. What could it hurt? Some 12 hours, a missed hike and 2 missed meals later…I found out it could hurt in the “I’m woozy from too much sitting in front of the screen but I can’t bring myself to leave” sort of way.

I’m sure if you live in the states, you’ve seen this show already so you’re probably wondering what kind of rock have I been living under to not have seen this show. I live under a “I don’t watch TV” rock and it’s actually pretty damned sweet. So damn you internetz for your evil TV show bringing ways and damn you clicky finger for not being able to resist. In so many ways, I’m glad I didn’t catch this show until the season was over, because the writer of the show obviously did his master’s thesis on “How To End A Show With A Killer Cliffhanger”. If I watched this week by week, I would have to hand someone a rubber mallet and ask him/her to knock me the fuck out until next week because I can’t wait that long for it.

This show has everything going for it. It has a likable cast, with some ridiculously hot men and women. It’s well written with a great storyline. And…it’s about people with super power.

I believe that all of us has a thing for super power, we all want to be beyond ordinary. A long while back, my friend JC told me about a survey done where they asked people if they preferred the ability to fly or to turn invisible. The answer of who preferred what, wasn’t important, it’s that every single person asked has an answer right away. Every person, old and young, doctors, lawyers or librarians, has given this idea some thought. This show feeds our “thing” for super power.

Here’s a link for those that snuck under the same rock as me. Be warned, it will suck up your life until the end and don’t say I never shared my drugs with you. Side note, if you’re watching it online, click on the little box on the left under the video to watch it in full-screen mode.


I went to my girlfriend, Myra’s baby’s first month party on Saturday and I didn’t coo with delight nor did I try to poke it with a stick, so I guess the nesting instinct isn’t so strong with this one after-all.


Edit: Ooops, wrong video linked. It’s fixed now.

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