Becoming an Ass

I’ve worked out my mountaineer training schedule for until the climb and it is not pretty.  I’ve got one more day of training with 35lbs, then I’m moving up to 40lbs for 2 trips, then it’s 45lbs.

Yesterday, I hiked up Si with 35lbs, it went really well in the beginning, I didn’t wish to be mercifully killed in the first mile.  At about 0.5 miles to the end, I ran out of fuel completely.  I didn’t have a big dinner the night before, and I didn’t eat a big breakfast before the trip.  Bad idea.  I forgot that becoming a beast of burden means consuming enough to feed the beast.  I had to take a break and choke down some Peanuts M&M’s for fuel before slowly shuffling the rest of the way.

Note to self: It’s not a simple day hiking anymore, eat a big plate of spaghetti the night before training.

I know it’s wasteful to pour out perfectly good tap water, but there’s a certain sense of…pride? when you get to empty out jugs of water at the top.

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