Meet Thor

The boyfriend has been on an Ebay binge for the wonderful discount it provides on things we want for our new place.  As mentioned, one of his splurge of choice is a Dyson vacuum and he won an auction on one.  He tracked its delivery all day today until it got here.  When I got home from running errands, the vacuum had arrived and the boyfriend introduced it to me proudly like it was going to be the new family pet.  Then he proceeded to vacuum with it, like they’re playing fetch already.  I’m afraid to ask him if he named it.  The boyfriend once said if we ever get around to having kids, we should name the first boy Thor.  Maybe if he names the vacuum Thor instead we can get that name out of the way.  Surely, he wouldn’t want to name two of his kids Thor.

It’s my 35th birthday! I just leveled up in cougardom!  The boyfriend is quite a bit younger than me, so it’s an ongoing joke that to maintain a good cougar status I need to trade him for younger models as he ages. A few days ago, when I was trying to remember what year he was born on, I was off by a lot, and he told me he wished he was born that year, because that would mean he’s twenty, and not in danger of being traded for a new model any time soon.  I told him, instead of aiming for guys close to the older of the two brother’s age (he’s 29), I should aim for my youngest brother’s age (he just turned 16). They are easier to impress at that age.  I can work in my more original high school pickup line of, “Hey baby, with me sitting next to you, you can drive my car.”

I took my youngest brother to open an account with BECU yesterday, he already has an account with Wells Fargo, but I think BEU has a better interest rate savings account.  At my request, the restaurant is also cutting him a work check every month to contribute to his Roth IRA, so the online depositing with BECU will come in handy.  I told him to sign up for to track his savings with all the different accounts, and he thought it was the coolest thing (see easy to impress).  I like, I figured if someone wants to hack my accounts, I’ve packaged it all nice like in one place with a bow on top for them, plus it’s a great budget program for someone learning how to budget for the first time.

For my birthday, the boyfriend got me a Kindle.  I did the terrible gift receiving thing at first and ask him to not waste his money and return it, because I really do love real books.  Of course despite the fact that I’m a heartless bitch, I did feel bad and gave the Kindle a whirl.  I got a bootlegged copy of Tina Fey’s book, which I already have a hard copy of, so don’t judge me.  I really do prefer the hard copy better, especially if it’s a book that I like.  As someone who appreciates graphic design, I feel that a lot books are not simply about the content, it’s the design and organization that goes into it too.  You lose that with eReaders.  In Tina Fey’s book, there are quite a few wonderfully embarrassing pictures of herself that looks better with ink on paper.  However, there are lots of books that I bought that I wished I got a chance to sit down and read a bit, like I used to do at Barnes & Noble.  Where I would walk through aisles and find a big stack of books then sit down in a comfy chair and weed them out by giving them each a good half hour read.  I would spend days doing this and thoroughly enjoy it.  I get to do that with the Kindle.  It’s quite enjoyable.

One thing that I really love about the Kindle, is whatever that fancy pearl ink technology is.  The screen is permanently on, even when it first arrived. Thing is, you can’t tell it’s even on.  It looks like they stuck some fake screen-on vinyl sticker on it.  I tried to peel the screen off. It does create a good book reading feel.  It’s not back-lit which I kind of wish for, but I do love it most for that reason as well.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer screen, not having to look at another back-lit screen with all its eye-straining property is nice.

How’s 35 treating me thus-far?  I think this was the first year that I didn’t curse turning older. There’s just so much to look forward to this year.  New condo closing soon, applying to law school, climbing Mount Baker and scuba school for Great Barrier Reef.  It’s going to be a great year.  Here’s to wishing everyone a great year as well.  Happy 4-20!

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