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I’ve been working on overseeing a small construction project at one of my family restaurant.  Our first restaurant was pretty badly damaged in a fire back in 2007.  It has since then been fully reconstructed.  We took the reconstruction as a chance to do something different.  We wanted to do a fancy stained concrete floor instead of the usual dark carpet that almost all Chinese use.  Unfortunately for us, we hired a family friend to do the floor.  It’s been preached so many times, but here it is again, NEVER hire family friends.

He didn’t know what he was doing and ended up costing us a ridiculous amount of money and time to redo his work.  The whole floor project for the entire restaurant was $35k, the only part of the floor left from his work is the kitchen and the bathrooms.  For the main dining hall, he did this glossy stained concrete, which was beautiful to look at, but he topped it with a surface that was so slippery, multiple people slipped and fell on the first day.  We did emphasize to him that the surface must not be extremely slick because we were dealing with food and food grease.  We ended up covering most of the restaurant with cheap carpet.  It sucked having to do that.

We did leave the dance floor area because it had this drawing that I pieced together from different artwork I found online:








Unfortunately, yet again, the guy topped it with some material that chipped off right after the first dance.  He never tested ink compatibility between his material and his artist’s material.  After a couple weddings, you could barely tell what the image was:








So I hired a new stained concrete guy who promised to give us a new floor that isn’t a giant lawsuit waiting to happen.  The new floor is less glossy, but it’s definitely a lot less slippery.  There were talks of redoing the floor with hardwood, which I personally felt it would look more tacky, plus, I really liked having the drawing on the dance floor.  The new guy’s artist uses paintbrush instead of airbrush, which is a look I prefer too.









Unfortunately, my mom does not like the color the new artist used.  The dragon is more brown than gold, it does some golden scale edges but he is mostly brown.  I actually like the color, but I feel terrible that my mom paid for yet another floor that she isn’t in love with.  Ugh.

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