Lucky Date is a GO!

We got up early today.  Too much excitement over painting new rooms!

Because of the whole “you have a loan, no you don’t have a loan, we too can give you a loan, we lied you get no loan, oh we fucked up so here’s a loan” thing, we didn’t order furniture for the new place until the last minute.  Apparently, when you go to places and they tell you they keep just about everything in stock, it means, everything except the item you want because that’s back-ordered for 5 years.  We did manage to find a couch that we loved that was in stock and they happened to deliver on Sunday.

So sweet.

The couch was our only piece of furniture on our lucky move-in date.  Part of the lucky ritual included us bringing in rice, salt, sugar, oil into the space before just about everything else.  We lit some incense to bless the place and boiled water for good luck (saying “boiled water” sounds a bit like “acquiring wealth” in Chinese).

The couch delivery guy was early and we barely finished the ritual before they got the couch in. The couch matched the place better than I thought it would.

Then we got to painting the rooms.  We painted for most of the day.  And now my brain is mush from being so tired.  But lucky date was great. We still can’t sleep there yet because of the lack of bed and curtains, but we are very happy.

Our furniture will be trickling in for the next couple weeks, but we do have a matching ottoman that is not arriving until 4 months later.

My sister gave me a card to her BizX account a long while back, it basically allows me to eat for free (do need to tip though) at a list of participating restaurants, I just found that the restaurant directly below us is part of BizX. Gaining weight for mountaineering should not be a problem.

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