Not So Fantastic Monday

Here’s something you don’t want to hear two days before your mortgage loan is expected to close: “You never qualified for the loan in the first place, so we have to close your application as rejected.”

I’m still in a state of shock of how this happened. They had my file for over a month. I paid for all sorts of appraisal fee and questionnaire fee and insurance for the new condo and they only now realize I did not qualify for the loan to begin with?  How?

I’m starting to get the idea that someone doesn’t want me to move into this unit. Perhaps the over coincidence of 420′s related to this unit and I are too much! I was pretty upset when I found out today, but now I’m just starting to think I’ve been a bit lopsided karma-wise lately.

When I had more free-time and money, I used to volunteer a lot. I haven’t done any of that in a few years, right about the time the economy took a nose-dive, and I became more me-oriented. It feels like I’m long over-due for karma attuning. I’ve been helping my family a lot, but that doesn’t really tip the scale on a universal level.

One would think feeding the wild-life at the top of Mount Si every week might help, but lately the birds have been crazy aggressive and dive-bombing our face while we eat. The dove-like birds are small so they shouldn’t be scream inducing, but feeling some scritchy-little bird toes on your fingers with wings beating on your face while you are trying to take a bite out of your sandwich isn’t all zen-like either. We usually bring a chicken havarti sandwich, so we are effectively saving them from cannibalizing on their cousins, but perhaps not.  Who are we to judge if some little birds want to eat chicken?

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