Tuesday: Terrific Times

I skipped a day on happiness writing by accident.  Yesterday, I hauled 35lbs up Mount Si again. I’m sad to report that repeating the experience doesn’t make it suck less.  It still sucked about as much as it sucked last week. The only big difference was recovery rate at this point.  My legs went from shouting, “With God as my witness, I shall never move properly again!” To: “Oh what?  We just did some exercise?” Soon as the pack was removed.  The pathetic day-after shuffle is not nearly as noticeable too.

For Terrific Times: “Think about one of the most wonderful experiences in your life. Perhaps a moment when you felt suddenly contented, were in love, listened to an amazing piece of music, saw an incredible performance, or had a great time with friends. Choose just one experience and imagine yourself back in that moment in time.”

I’ve been very fortunate to have countless wonderful experiences.  The only reason this one thing came to my mind at this point, stronger than anything else, even though I know I have better memories, is that I remember feeling at the time that I wish I could bottle that feeling forever.  Perhaps other times I was overwhelmed with joy that I forgot to think about bottling it.  If I had to guess what I would be writing about, not knowing myself, I would have thought it would be about being in love.  Oh, how I woke up and it felt like someone had adjusted my gamma settings five notches brighter, and oh the birds were singing and my god I only slept 2 hours but I felt so awake and alive.

It’s not that.  The day that I wish I could bottle was snow camping with my friends.  We backpacked up our way to Lake Enchantments the first weekend it stopped requiring camping permits.  It was extremely rough and treacherous getting up the “Wall” in knee deep snow.  When we got up there, we felt like we were the only people in the world.

The thing that made it so memorable, perhaps is the fact that it’s not about being in love or even being loved, it’s that we just felt very lucky to be alive, to be there to experience that moment.  Our world was blanketed in snow with small frozen lakes after lakes.  Everywhere we looked, the world looked like a Christmas postcard that makes you wonder where the photo was taken and if the place existed at all on earth. The snow untouched.  The world was so beautiful that I got sentimentally teary-eyed just looking at it.

It wasn’t even about our company to each other in that moment, it was simply the joy of being there. It felt as if you breathe in too hard it will overwhelm your lungs and you actually choke from it.  Which I think I did, and the coughing fit wouldn’t let up for a while.  I remember wanting to bottle that joy of feeling lucky to be alive.

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