Yay and Oomph

My home loan has been approved and going into escrow early next week!!!  YAY!!!

Friday was 40lbs up Mount Si training day.  When I hike, I usually have a stupid grin on my face, however as the weight went up, the grin graduated to a grimace.  This was becoming more and more obvious on the time it took traveling the same distance up and down Si, and the level of concern on the passerby’s face.  More and more people walked by with encouragements to cheer me on for training.

Ever since I started training with my big backpack, people have been walking by the boyfriend, who had been leading the way, saying hi to him then look at me, then do a double take on his small daypack. They never said anything, but it’s clear they were wondering why that asshole would let me carry all the weight. I was always caught between the urge to explain that the boyfriend was hiking along to help me train or shout, “Yes, that douche-bag is making me carry all the weight.”

On this last trip, when the weight went up to 40lbs, the bag creaked under the weight and I was clearly weaving a bit from being so top heavy, some lady finally cracked and stopped us to ask if the boyfriend was going to help carry the bag halfway.  Like maybe we were going to switch off. After many trips and judging looks, we got to explain to one person that I was the only one training for mountaineering and the boyfriend was there for moral support.

The boyfriend has been waking up early, packing his bag and weighing down my pack. So his support has been tremendous. However, people didn’t know this and were judging him. We were thinking maybe the thing to do was to fill my other backpack with pillows, but now, I was thinking maybe helium balloons.  I could tie a string to him and have him float alongside me. It would better demonstrate how hard he’s working.

The extra pack weight sucked, it sucked from step one, the one saving grace was my body got used to the suck factor and learned to deal with it. Eating big bowls of spaghetti helped. Usually by about the half-way point, my body would feel like I’ve got calories-seeking-woodchuck chomping at my muscles to find whatever fuel to burn, this last trip I felt pretty good energy-wise. I’ve been trying to gain a big of weight too so, it was very nice to have a guilt-free double bacon cheeseburger with milkshake after the trip.

I currently have bruises where the pack’s shoulder straps touch my collar bone.  Now the boyfriend looks the douche who makes me carry all the weight AND punches me in the collar bone.

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