50lbs of Joy

I almost didn’t hike up Si with 50lbs on Wednesday. My body rebelled. I had a stomach ache all morning. Then when I tried to get the pack on, it was pretty impossible for me to lift it from floor to back. I had to make sure the pack never touched the floor.

At home, I had to make sure the pack was sitting on the couch so I could back up into it. Soon as I clip the waist-band on, the weight is more manageable. Now, I said manageable, not lifted nor distributed beautifully, because oh god did it ever suck. I found a million little reasons why I had to skip the hike. Like, oh I could not find the tripod for my camera.

I had a very late start. On the drive there, the sky was dumping buckets of rain. It was raining so hard, people were driving 50 in a 70 mph zone to avoid hydroplaning. I kept thinking about how much more miserable the hike would be and maybe I should turn around…all the way to the trail head. Then at the trail head, I was thinking the rain was getting my socks too wet and this could lead to a nasty blister right before the big climb.

There was not a single step that I thought this could get easy with practice. But, each 0.5 mile markers went by and then it was the top. It has been so many months since I started training, but until I was at the top, I wasn’t sure if it was ever possible for me to carry close to 50 percent of my body weight up a mountain.

I’m glad I didn’t bitch out. We are leaving for the big climb is this coming Thursday, I’m more nervous over this than the LSATs.

The boyfriend had steak dinner planned out when I got back from the hike. We invited 3 guests over for dinner, but those 3 guests brought 3 guests, so we got to stress test our new place for entertaining people. Steaks were eaten, booze was drank, everyone had a great time.

I’m really loving the new home.

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