Hill and Mountain

I want to live in the city while I’m still relatively young. This way I can enjoy the walking to bars and stumbling home after. So is it bad when after a week of hitting happy hour almost every day, I start planning my happy hour at 1pm? Capitol Hill living is awesomely bad for my liver.

This Thursday my section is heading up for the Mount Baker climb. So far it looks like weather might be decent. Summer is crawling to Seattle this year.

I got moved to Section 2 from Section 1 because they had a couple people dropping from that section due to personal reasons, and since I was only tagging along for the last couple outings they figured it was easiest to move me. They asked me nicely, and I didn’t have any compelling reason to not switch aside from the weekend of the climb being a week later, so I told them I would switch.

Section 1 just did their summit attempt this weekend, and got turned back due to inclement weather.

I don’t think I can stomach training for a third attempt, so please please please let the weather be good on Mount Baker this weekend.

This is my second time, waiting for section 1 to come back with good news, and the second time that it didn’t happen. The first time was extremely heartbreaking with the death of a classmate. As I’ve said before, I didn’t know this classmate well, but I liked him instantly because he reminded me so much of my boyfriend, in mannerism and looks. When someone reminded you of someone near and dear, you feel bonded to them whether its reciprocated or not. I mourned his loss as someone near and dear. Though I did not know him well, I went to his funeral and wept my heart out.

This second time, I was glad that everyone made it home safely, I prayed for their safe return even though I’m not religious.

Either way, this is the week I’ve been training long and hard for. Even if we have to turn away from summit, I feel good that I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life. I feel very fortunate that I am in the position to have the time and support from loved ones to do this.

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