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When I’m not complaining incessantly on this blog, I’ve been writing on my new blog. It’s a place where I complain about the process of becoming a lawyer.

It’s a goal of mine to learn how to write better, and as such, I want to be able to write more formally, with articles AND swearing only about half as much. I imagine the target audience to be other law students or law student hopefuls. My mental image of them is your average joe before their sense of humor is sucked out of them, but it’s starting to stifle a bit already. There’s a video game called “Bard’s Tale” where the game characters ask you questions and you have choices in response. It’s a bit like the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The options are usually “snarky” or “nice”. I feel like in life, when given choices, I have my mouse pointer permanently over “snarky”. When talking to lawyer types, I have to shift my pointer over. But old habits die fighting, gasping, wheezing.

The new condo is coming together nicely, but we completely missed the mark when budgeting for window treatment. It’s costing us $3500 to dress all our windows, which is at least a grand more than budgeted. Oh, but it will be so pretty.

We bought some curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond and they are room darkening. There are two things wrong with the curtains.

One, they are ugly, the fabric feels stiff, and it’s just not sitting on the window well. It’s like me in a sack dress. I’m short and average build, not the thin and petite build. A sack dress makes me look fat and dumpy. So, I blame the curtains for making my windows look fat.

Two, the darkening works too well. Before moving in, I assumed that as the streets get busy during the day, the noise of other people going about their day will wake me up. It could be because the bedroom is set very far back or just high enough, but I don’t hear much. What little city noise I hear is actually soothing. With the lack of telltale light, I can sleep all day. It’s dangerous for productivity. Not to mention I might miss breakfast and elevensies, the most important meals of the day.

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