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With a Side of Beer

The boyfriend is out of town for work all week, which means I’m getting drunk every night. This is not to say I’m partying till I puke (not with no one around to hold my hair) every night, but I’m … Continue reading

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Hiking My Own Hike

Before I go on any major hike or backpacking trip, I do a little internet research about the trail and try to gauge the difficulty to mentally prep myself. After the trip, if I come across someone that did the … Continue reading

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West McMillan Spire

After climbing Rainier, I thought I was hot shit and that I could tackle any backpacking trip with ease. I was so so wrong. A girlfriend of mine that I met from my mountaineering class with Bushwhacker Climbing Club, sent … Continue reading

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Too Soon

Did I mention that I’m prone to bad cases of the dramas when I’m in pain?¬†After whining about my muscle aches and lack of respect from my leg muscles, I walked around a bit, and my legs were in decent … Continue reading

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Aging With Grace and Very Little Dignity

I just got back from a crazy backpacking trip with some 2 hours of Class 3 scramble at the end. I must have banged the crap out of my legs on the boulders, because my legs look like I got … Continue reading

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Mount Rainier

This entry almost read as, “Mount Rainier, the trip that didn’t happen.” As I’ve mentioned in my Mount Baker post, after climbing Baker, I just was not sure I was ready for Rainier three days later. The weather on Baker … Continue reading

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