Back In A Jiff

I realized it’s time I get serious about drinking and cut out the writing stuff in my life so I can concentrate on doing serious damage to my liver. My sister is going through a bit of a break-up and I’m trying to spend as much time as I can spare with her. The girl is a mess. When I was at her condo a couple days ago, I went to the bathroom and I exclaimed, “Oh wow, you have a beer right next to toilet. Classy.” Then, “Oh gross, it’s warm. And why didn’t you keep a bottle opener next to it? You’re losing it, sister.” If she was in her elements, that beer would have been kept chilled and ready to serve. This is a borderline sign that she needs an intervention.

The boyfriend, my sister and I are learning how to swim together so we can go diving at Great Barrier Reef early next year. We are starting to get the hang of how to sort of tread water, we look like we are actively drowning (which is probably the case), but we can pass the treading water test for diving requirements.

I also realize I have to do a bit of studying between now and October 1st. So, I’ll be back right after the test. I’ll miss you, oh one reader of my blog. Your hair looks fabulous.

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