A friend of mine has just launched, a site that helps people find gyms and yoga studios in Seattle. They’re working on adding Pilates, personal trainers, boot camps – you name it. Take a look and let them know what you think.

Just a bit of background about this friend. A few friends and I were out having dinner with her husband, she was then six months pregnant and not at the dinner gathering, so of course the topic turned to where’s our lovely pregger lady? Her husband said something about her being in Vancouver for some billion miles bike marathon. Our food arrived and we moved on to eating sushi. At some point, her husband explained that she was riding along in a van as support crew for the bike marathon. And one guy’s response, “Oh, when you said she was in a bike marathon, I assumed she was riding in it. And even at six months pregnant, it made perfect sense that she would do that. Why wouldn’t she?” We all nodded in unison.

That’s the type of awesome she is, so you know if she’s helping you find a gym or yoga studio, it’ll be awesome. I don’t know if you’ll be “six months pregnant and still in shape to ride in a bike marathon” awesome, but hey awesome is awesome, just roll with it.

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