Getting Shit-Faced, Again and Again

I’ve been coddling my brain cells the days before LSAT, so it goes without saying that immediate after the test, I went on a brain cell murdering rampage. It wasn’t exactly the intended effect, but it’s goes with the territory of getting really really drunk.

I mentioned trying to break in my new heels on Saturday and what a break-in process it was. I wore it out that night for a friend’s birthday party. It’s one of those party where the moment I walked in, someone handed me a Jager-bomb, so you know the really really drunk part kicks in soon after. No one twist my arms much with the drinks because for some reason whenever I take a long test, my back and neck hurts for days after, and as luck would have it, alcohol fixes this for me. It’s magic water!

The even more magical part is after a few drinks my heels stopped hurting. I’m not sure why I haven’t thought about this before, considering my liberal application of alcohol to solve everything, but if I buy any more heels in the future, it should be accompanied by a fifth of vodka.

I’m wading through the woes of law school application, and as luck would have it I have a lawyer friend who used to/maybe still has a crush on my sister that took a personal interest in my law school app. I’m a halfway to decent sister, but I would be lying if I didn’t totally throw my sister under the bus by offering her up as bait by hinting that she might be newly single. Hey! I’m looking out for one of our best interest here! Stop judging me!

I feel silly for admitting this, but it has really helped to have someone else get excited over my application process with me and help me along the way. When I first mentioned this to my boyfriend, he told me he could have done the same for me. Then I told him I would likely smother him with a pillow while he sleeps if he said anything negative about my personal statement, so maybe wait until I take out some insurance on him.

The nicest thing about having someone along for the ride is that he has been keeping me honest. If I procrastinate on the application, someone knows. Someone that is kind enough to invest their own time for me. I’m an asshole in so many ways, but even I have a hard time screwing over someone that is trying to help me.

I didn’t mention¬†my side blog¬†to help me write, and he did warn me to clean it up a bit. “Maybe you shouldn’t use the word shit-faced so much.”


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