Sneaking Into China

Our travel agent asked my sister and me to submit our expired passport which contains our travel visa for China from 2002. She said that will provide evidence that we have a record of visiting China and not trying to sneak in and never leave. As. If.

My parents survived a war, and lived in refugee camps for years so that we can immigrate to US. Why the fuck would we try to sneak back in China? Especially when every cousin/aunt/uncle fifty times removed has been hounding us to sponsor them to US. Of course it makes perfect sense that my sister and I would rebel by trying to sneak back to China.

A lot of people that adopted children from foreign country feel like they want to take their children back to the country they came from to show them their heritage and give them culture. This sounds better on paper than reality. On the flight for my first China visit, I was giddy with excitement to learn more about my heritage and hang out with “my people”. Then as my sister and I were chased two blocks by a Chinese street peddler who couldn’t take no for an answer, I realized I am an American. This was further affirmed when I was admiring a finely dress China gentleman while on a boat tour and he decides to hock a giant loogey on our very small boat floor mid-sentence. Chinese soulmates, we are not.

I am excited about this upcoming China trip, but more so in the “can’t wait to eat cheap food and get cheap massages” way than “can’t wait to fist bump with my homies” way.

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