So why SteakGirl.com? Well, it originated from the term “meat and potato guy” which is an expression for simple meat eating guy…well for the longest time, I was the steak minus the potato girl. I was that much of a carnivore, my typical meal consisted of some large slab of steak/ribs with a side of wings. I used SteakGirl as my character name in all the online games I played.

I actually did the vegetarian thing for a while then one day, in the middle of a snow camping, my body got fed up with the veggie-only thing. I would have traded my thousands of dollars worth of camping gear for a cheeseburger at that moment. Up till that point, I didn’t have any cravings for meat, but really, the moment I craved it, the battle was over. Listen to your body and feed it well. Also, if you happened to have gone by the game handle of SteakGirl for years, there’s a very good chance that vegetarianism will not stick.


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